Virtual Reality

by Kim davis

Ten years ago I took the leap of faith to begin Nomiss Communication. Looking back at how the business has grown – and pondering what’s in store for the future – I realize more than anything how much the world … Continued

Sticks and Stones

Written by Kim Davis

Bullies have existed since the dawn of time. And, they will continue into the future. When I was a kid, they only existed once I left the house and found them at recess, in the cafeteria and as I waited … Continued

Miss Communication

Written by Kim Davis

I’m hung up on social media. Both its pros and its cons. As a professional, I will use it to my every possible means. To spread news about my clients; to perk ideas for stories – and it works nine … Continued

Social NOTworking


I’m perplexed by the way in which the social network is being used. I fear we may be entering into a danger zone. A zone where we are slowly moving away from REAL communication and into VIRTUAL communication. Communication is … Continued